Wayzon MBA Consultants have been pioneers among the MBA consultants in Bangalore. Founded in 1995, we have counseled and assisted students to achieve their dreams of valuable higher education degree and successful careers.

A trusted and reputable name in the field of MBA consulting in India, we have created a niche for yourself and have consistently turned results for our clients.

We work with the top MBA colleges in Bangalore and help students achieve their goal of getting an MBA degree from the best MBA institutes. In their journey to achieve this goal, they need a support system that will guide them through every step. Unfortunately not every student has this support system at home with friends or family, this is where Wayzon MBA Consultants step in and do the job. We become the support system for students who are seeking an admission to top MBA colleges in Bangalore.

We offer the following services to our clients –

  • Introduction to MBA education and scope of MBA as a career
  • List of MBA colleges in Bangalore and the potential of each college
  • The right MBA College for the individual student
  • Assistance in finalizing the colleges through visiting the colleges and seeing the college in person
  • Facilitating the admissions process including documentation and other formalities
  • Assistance in training and interview processes

We offer all these and more personalized services as well. If you are seeking for an Admission in a top MBA College in Bangalore then reach out to us for effective and 100% trusted admissions support.