A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) has historically been a professional degree enabling a student to completely understand the world of business. The degree equips the student with tools and mechanisms to run businesses, however over time specializations took shape to give students the best inputs in a particular function. Here are the top six specializations that are popular in MBA colleges in Bangalore


  1. Marketing & Digital Media Specialization 

A marketing specialization has been one of the main reasons why students opt to do an MBA. Marketing is essentially the promotion and selling of products and services and covers an entire gamut of functions like advertising, sales, market research etc. Many students aspire to covet marketing roles in companies like Brand Manager and Marketing Manager. With the rapid increase in startups in Bangalore, the marketing specialization is becoming popular in MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Additionally, there is the advent of digital and social media which has changed the entire marketing game. Companies are required to recruit social media marketers which were unheard of a few years back. This is why Digital Media specializations are also catching up in MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Preferred companies for career – FMCG companies, Media companies, Social Media consultancies


  1. International Business Specialization –

The world is integrating and despite the measures for protective reforms all over the world, trade and commerce is only flourishing between countries. While India has been a trading nation for centuries, today International Business has several rules and regulations governing it and students who aspire to be a part of this rising function need to learn the basics of it.

MBA colleges in Bangalore offer the International Business and include subjects like Foreign Language, Global Business Environment, Foreign Trade Policy, Global Operations and Corporate Ethics among other management principles. This allows them to have the understanding of international trade and business and they can aspire to have careers anywhere on the globe!

Preferred companies for career – Global Shipping companies, Logistics companies, Buying Houses and MNCs


  1. Retail Management Specialization –

E-commerce maybe taking over India but still visiting a mall or supermarket remains the favorite pastime of an Indian family! The concept of retail stores is never going to completely go away in India and we are entering into a phase where specialized retail is being offered right from home products, furniture, and children’s products to gourmet foods. The core of retail remains the same despite the various retail formats. MBA colleges in Bangalore have realized the need for this specialized management, especially the demand in Bangalore itself for such professionals high!

Students taking Retail Management learn consumer buyer behavior, retail merchandising and buying, retail selling skills, IT in retail, franchising in retail and Retail stores operations.

Preferred companies for career – Consumer Retail companies

  1. Human Resources Specialization –

Millions of jobs are being created every year and even more graduates coming out to the employment market! It is the job of the Human Resource person to match the skills and select the right talent, to nurture the talent and ensure the talent sticks around leading to the growth of organizations. The Human Resource professional is the most crucial function in an organization and hence every organization is looking out for a qualified and expert HR professional.

MBA colleges in Bangalore have recognized the need for exemplary HR professionals and offer courses like HR analytics, Manpower Planning and resourcing, Employee relations, Performance Appraisal, Talent Management and Change Management.

Preferred companies for career – IT companies, MNCs, Startup companies


  1. Financial Markets Specialization –

Finance as a specialization has always been popular in MBA colleges in Bangalore however today the need is for further specialization and hence the innovation of MBA in Financial Markets. With the rise in global trade, there is also an increase in financial regulations. Many companies are opting for the public company route increasing the risk and exposure, creating the need for expert financial market professionals.

The courses offered in MBA colleges in Bangalore for this specialization are Equity & Commodity Markets, Debt & Money markets, Financial Derivatives, Forex Markets, Investment Banking, Equity Trading and Security Analysis.

Preferred companies for career – Trading Houses, Mutual Fund companies, Investment companies, Broking Companies


  1. Supply Chain & Operations Specialization –

The Supply Chain and operations functions were earlier prevalent only in manufacturing industries however with the increase in the E-commerce sector in India this function is becoming very popular. The supply chain in ecommerce is very complex as well as operations of new age startups like food startups. All these require strong basics in supply chain and operations management hence it is coming back in MBA colleges in Bangalore as a preferred specialization.

The courses offered by these MBA colleges in Bangalore for this specialization are designing & managing distribution partners, supply chain modeling, supply network strategy, warehousing, logistics and quality management.

Preferred companies for career – E-commerce companies, Logistics companies, manufacturing companies

So which specialization are you going to opt for your MBA? If you need help in selecting your MBA specialization, you can contact our team of advisors who will assist you in this process. 

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