One of the first important things to consider while applying for MBA admission in 2019 in Bangalore is whether you are eligible to apply or not. Eligibility is one of the most important parameters, otherwise you might spend your energy in applying for the top MBA colleges in Bangalore but you might miss out because you are not eligible because of one small condition.

Traditionally MBA courses were meant for work experience individuals who were seeking professional development. But today there is an urgent need for MBA professionals who will be able to manage large teams and streamline processes. This is why today most MBA colleges in Bangalore also take in fresher students who are seeking a career in Business Administration and Management.

We are listing out some of the most common MBA eligibility clauses, but do remember that none of these are compulsory. In the pursuit to get the best students, most MBA colleges in Bangalore have their own parameters after the students complete the basic eligibility. Here is a look at your eligibility for MBA courses in Bangalore –


Academic Background –

  • Students who have finished their Bachelor’s Degree with scoring a minimum of 50% are eligible to apply
  • Students who are also pursuing their final year of degree can apply but their candidature will be fully accepted only once their results are declared and they have scored at least 50% in their results
  • Students need to finish their Bachelor’s Degree which is at least a three-year course like B.A, B.Com, B.Sc or a four-year course like B.Tech. Most MBA colleges in Bangalore offer admissions to students from any stream without any bias, however, in Bangalore most of the students who apply are engineers. This should not stop students from Commerce, Science and Arts as companies are looking out for students from a diverse background, hence even colleges are taking in diverse students from all backgrounds.
  • Specialized MBA courses like Pharmaceutical Management, Healthcare Management, Logistics Management, Aviation Management, Hotel Management prefer to have students who have studied the subject in their Bachelors as well.


Age Eligibility –

There is no age restriction in almost all MBA colleges in Bangalore. Since MBA is a professional course even individuals who have 10- 15 years of work experience come and study to enhance their skill sets.


Work Experience Background –

Work experience is not mandatory for MBA admissions in 2019, however, the top MBA colleges in Bangalore prefer those candidates who have a work experience. It is believed that students with work experience can grasp the learnings better and improve their skills. However, this should not stop fresher from applying.


Qualifying Entrance Exam –

There are several MBA entrance exams which are taken by aspirants who wish to seek admission in the top MBA colleges in Bangalore. Some of the most common entrance exams are Karnataka PGCET, CAT, XAT, NMAT, MAT, CMAT and AMTA. Most MBA colleges in Bangalore opt for these scores and a higher score leads to a call for further processes.

Make sure you qualify for all these parameters and you are bound to get an MBA admission in 2019. If you are unsure about your eligibility or wish to improve your chances of getting an admission do write into us and we will guide you for getting a seat in your dream MBA courses in Bangalore.

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